Types of pet turtles

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how to identify pet turtle species cuteness

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Most Popular Pet Turtles - Reptiles
These turtles bask and need a platform of some sort, such as a log, rock or turtle basking platform available in pet stores. A good water filter helps with water quality. If kept inside, the turtles require a basking light providing ultraviolet rays and also a heating lamp that keeps a hotspot around 90 degrees....
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10 Types of Turtles You Can Have as Pets - Wide Open Pets
There are hundreds of turtle types, and these ten could thrive living with you. There are so many options that choosing a pet turtle can be overwhelming. Each different type and turtle species has its own unique requirements for food, shelter, water source, and even levels of heat and humidity....
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Types of Pet Turtles - Cool-Small-Pets.com
Box turtle is one of the most popular of the common types of pet turtles. I would eliminate the possibility of keeping it in a small apartment. Box turtle prefers outdoor housing which would be very similar to its natural habitat....
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All Kinds of Cute: Different Types of Pet Turtles
There are many different types of turtles. Small terrestrial and freshwater species are popular. Among them, the most popular are Red-eared Sliders (a.k.a. Red-eared Terrapin) and Russian tortoises. It is illegal in any state, in the United States of America to sell species, which are smaller than 4 inches in length....
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