What does it mean when your dog barks at nothing

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If you believe your dog is barking at absolutely nothing, compulsive barking is a possibility, especially if your dog barks excessively and repetitively while also moving in repetitive ways. For example, a compulsive barker might pace in a circle or walk back and forth along a fence as she barks....
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10 Translated Barks: Know What Your Dog Is Saying
Your dog can let you know there’s a possible threat. You can acknowledge the bark and let your dog know you aren’t going to do anything because it’s not a threat. When your dog barks, look at the “threat” and give your dog a consistent signal like “Okay” or “Enough.”...
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If your dog is looking at you and barking, chances are, he may be looking for attention. If your dog is an attention-seeking dog, he will love to see you notice him and make eye contact. If you talk to your dog or pet your dog too, you will further enforce this type of barking....
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