Eating bunny poop dangerous dogs medhelp

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eating bunny poop dangerous? - Dogs - MedHelp
Lots of dogs eat rabbit poop with no obvious cost to their health beyond bad breath, lol. That said, eating bunny poop can give your dog: (1) a nasty giardia infection ( giardia is a microscopic parasite) that can cause recurrent gastric upset, diarrhea and weight loss, or (2) they can get a bacterial infection called coccidia....
Last update Fri, 16 Feb 2018 00:06:00 GMT Read More

dogs eating wild bunny poop - Dogs - MedHelp
Wild rabbits can carry leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and several other diseases that your dog can contract from eating their feces. Pet rabbits don't have these problems, however in the wild animal population it's extremely dangerous for dogs to eat their droppings....
Last update Thu, 15 Feb 2018 02:59:00 GMT Read More

My Dog Ate Rabbit Poop. Now What? | PetHelpful
My Dog Ate Rabbit Poop. Now What rabbit.It's not unusual for dogs who eat rabbit poop to also eat any dead rabbits found and this is dangerous for ...
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Is It Okay If My Dog Eats Rabbit Poop? – CindyLusMuse
From what I could find on the subject, it’s not a big deal for dogs to eat rabbit poop. Is It Okay If My Dog Eats Rabbit Poop? – CindyLusMuse ...
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